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April: 4 AI-Powered Developer Tools to Boost Your Content with Contenda

ICYMI some of our proudest tools and integrations in April!
By Clara Song

We want developers and content creators to focus more on the fun in creating while AI does the heavy lifting. This past month, we’ve been busy rolling out tools and guides that make it easier for you to use our cutting-edge AI technology in order to streamline your work. It’s a lot to keep track of, so here’s a spotlight on our April announcements in case you missed them!

  1. Autocode and Contenda Integration: Effortlessly manage webhooks and access Contenda’s compute-heavy AI features.
  2. Confbrew: A powerful Q&A system for conference sessions, combining Contenda’s video-to-text conversion and Markprompt’s smart Q&A system.
  3. Mux and Contenda: Seamlessly integrate Mux Video with Contenda to create blogs and tutorials from any Mux videos.
  4. AI Ipsum: An AI-enhanced filler text generator sprinkled with a touch of Latin flavor.

Leverage these AI-powered tools to revolutionize your content and development game with Contenda. Share with us which tools have been especially helpful to you.

(This blog was created with the help of our newest tool Listicle.Fun!)