Create the content your audience wants, from content you've already made

Contenda contextually identifies your content's key topics and spins it into the right format for your audience to discover.


Used By These Trailblazers

Stackoverflow Solana Netlify

Trained just for technical content

Key Features

LLMs and Topic Modeling

Contenda identifies possible topic themes and narrative direction given existing content.

Then, Contenda uses an autoregressive language model to create derivative content that matches the topic and tone of existing content.

Like Nothing You’ve Seen

Why Contenda

Increase top of funnel reach for videos, podcasts, blogs, and tweets. Contenda scales your content fast.



Copywriting AI Tools

Create content at a 75% quality benchmark. Ready for final edits by the experts who know best (that's your team).

Agencies / Freelancers

Simplify the back and forth to get content right.
Capture your tone, instantly.
Pay by word count, split into unlimited pieces.

See us in action @ DevsForUkraine 2022

Conference Recording

In less than 24 hours...

Contenda ingested, transcribed, and summarized 2 days of conference talks hosted by

Contenda produced a roundup blog to increase the top of funnel engagement for the conference recordings. Read the blog post here.

Use Contenda to repurpose each talk into blogs and tweet thread. Pay only for what you use.