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Applying Title Transformations

We’re going to start by applying transformations to the title. We’ll take the title and overlay it on top of the image.

Let’s create a function for our title called getTitleTransformations.

const getTitleTransformations = (title) => {
	return {
		overlay: {
			font_family: 'Montserrat',
			font_size: '40',
			font_weight: '900',
			text: title,
			text_align: 'center'
		width: 500,
		color: '#ffffff',
		y: '0',
		x: '-210',
		crop: 'fit'

What we’re going to do is return an object. Inside of this object, we’re going to have an overlay property. We’re going to use a font family of Montserrat for all of these. You can pick whatever font and font size you want.

We’ll do a font size of 40 and font weight of 900, which is going to be heavy. We’ll do the text here is going to be the title and then we’ll do text align of center.

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Contenda IRL

Case Study: Devs For Ukraine conference

In less than 24 hours...

Contenda ingested, transcribed, and summarized 2 days of conference talks.

Contenda produced tweet threads summarizing each talk throughout the event.

Contenda produced a roundup blog to increase the top of funnel engagement for the conference recordings.

Read the blog post here.

The Devs For Ukraine website

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