Grow authentically.

Promote cross-platform growth with automated content and community management.

Supported platforms

How Contenda Works


Create content once and distribute it across the internet.

Use our Editing Assistant AI to automatically create high engagement content for other platforms.


Create a personalized community experience for your fans.

Our integrations link Discord, Twitch Chat, Minecraft, and more to seamlessly connect and reward active community members.


Optimize your content strategy with data-driven insights.

Make the content your audience wants to see.



Editing Assistant AI

Our algorithm finds your highest viewer engagement moments from your livestreams, saving you tons of time editing content for cross platforms.


100 hours/mo

What it takes

1. Watch through entire VOD's for clips

2. Guess which clips work best for other platforms

3. Edit clips together

With Contenda

4 hours/mo

What it takes

1. Paste in a VOD ID

2. Get highlights your audience loves

3. Edit clips together or use them as is


We've only had 1 customer so far. And he agreed to give us a testimonial.

"This shit HYPE as fuck"

- Ludwig

Flywheel Analytics™

Our algorithm constantly trains itself to deliver better returns on your investment. Finally, an analytics platform that works as hard as you do.


Get started with our default workflow templates. We'll start collecting your data and learning about your audience.


Our algorithm learns what works best for you and optimizes itself for your growth.


Our workflows automatically tune themselves to deliver results you can feel.