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Use Contenda's API to automate your content production pipeline. Trigger blogs on YouTube uploads or Twitch stream completions.

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Bulk process your existing videos with this template or set up an automation that runs everytime you publish a new video.


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We're stoked to collaborate with Contenda! By meshing Markprompt's smart Q&A system with Contenda's slick video-to-text conversion, we're transforming conference content into an exciting, knowledge-seeking journey. Get ready to have your questions answered and wisdom expanded!

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Contenda is a service that takes a video as an input and creates a blog post or tutorial from the video contents. I gave it a shot with a video we have hosted over on YouTube, and it showed some promising results. With no editing, this actually got us to a shockingly good first pass at a blog post based on our video content.

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I'm really excited to see Contenda launch on Autocode. As someone who's constantly creating content while in a time crunch, the value add of Contenda is clear, and I can't wait to build with their integration. I'm so glad that Autocode is able to make Contenda accessible to more developer advocates than before!

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Is Contenda compatible with other video platforms besides YouTube?

Yes, currently we support Twitch, Mux, and Youtube. We will be adding support other media types soon.

How long does it take to convert a video into a post?

Because of our OCR pipeline for code snippets and images, it can take up to 2 hours for a 30 min video.

How much does Contenda cost? Are there any free plans available?

Contenda is currently free. Monetization will eventually be implemented based on usage.

How can I contact Contenda support for assistance or questions?

Tweet us at @ContendaCo or ask on Discord.